Annual reports and financial highlights

At corporate level, the Bikuben Foundation results for 2018 reached DKK 73.2m against DKK 152.6m the previous year. The grants distributed from the year's profits equalled DKK 73m against DKK 113.8m previous year
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The distributed grants were divided into DKK 30m for young people on the edge, DKK 43.9m for current performing arts and visual arts, and DKK 2.3m for other purposes. In addition, there was a carry-back of grants distributed in previous years in the amount of DKK 3.2m, and thus the result of net grants paid out equalled DKK 73m.

As at 31 December 2018, the foundation's balance-sheet total at corporate level equalled DKK 1,629.9m against DKK 1,615.2m the previous year. The equity capital was DKK 1,095.2m against DKK 1,103.9m the previous year.  

We recommend that applicants for grants read our strategy carefully before submitting an application. These years, we are implementing our current strategy, according to which we focus less on donations and more on long-term initiatives and collaborations. This is reflected in the standards of such applications as resulted in grants. In 2018, we received 641 applications of which 551 were turned down.

Høbbet A/S

The company Høbbet A/S, a subsidiary under the ownership of the Bikuben Foundation operated together with Svanninge Bjerge, is occupied with agriculture and also operates a research centre. Read the annual reports for 20182017, 2016, 2015 and 2014 here (in Danish only).

The company BIFI A/S is a subsidiary under the ownership of the Bikuben Foundation. This company is in charge of all the foundation's investments in Private Equity houses outside Denmark. Read the annual report for 2018 and 2017 here (in Danish only).

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