The Bikuben halls of residence

Our intention with Bikuben Kollegierne (the bikuben halls of residence) is to make good, modern accommodations available for students, and thus provide them with the background for successful education
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Kollegiefonden Bikuben (the Bikuben Foundation for halls of residence) was established in 2001 for the purposes of building and operating halls of residence in the old Danish university towns. Today, there are Bikuben Kollegier (Bikuben halls of residence) of high architectural quality in the Danish cities of Aalborg, Odense and Copenhagen. Focused on sustainable operation, our residences, for instance, boast solar cell systems providing electricity for common areas, intelligent lighting systems with automatic switch-off functions, and water and heating meters promoting efficient use of resources drawn from green energy and water suppliers. We also emphasise social sustainability.

Helping young people get out of homelessness

The primary objective of the Bikuben Foundation's operation of residence halls is to provide a sound basis for young students during their student days. However, the residence halls also constitute an element in the Bikuben Foundation's social work targeted at putting an end to homelessness among young people. Such initiatives not only secure a good home for the young homeless, it also facilitates their successful education. Thus, the Bikuben Foundation has earmarked 10 % of the residence-hall accommodations in Orestad and Odense for formerly homeless young people. The homeless young are referred by the municipalities of Copenhagen and Odense, the plan underlying the selection scheme is that, within a year, these young people will be prepared to become students themselves. The respective municipalities provide professional as well as social support with a view to ensure that these young people settle in well at the residence hall. Learn more about the Bikuben Foundation's efforts to bring an end to homelessness among the young here.

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Bikuben Kollegiet i Ørestad, København
Anskaffelsessum pr. 1. januar 2012: 147.361.000 kr.

Bikuben Kollegiet i Odense
Anskaffelsessum pr. 1. januar 2012: 81.556.000 kr.

Bikuben Kollegiet i Aalborg
Anskaffelsessum pr. 1. januar 2012: 107.371.000 kr.

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Bikuben Kollegiet i Odense
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Bikuben Kollegiet i Ørestaden
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Bikuben Kollegiet i Aalborg
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