How to open a dialogue with us

If our mission to create new opportunities is to succeed, it is crucial for us to enter into a dialogue with all you who are experiencing the problems and seeing potential opportunities
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If you have insight into and ideas concerning our focus areas, or if you see yourself as a potential collaborative partner, we would like to hear from you. You find the contact information of the employees occupied with the development of our various priority areas, here.

If your approach is about collaboration or an application, we always recommend that you send us a mail in which you briefly state your business, before you commence the comprehensive work of writing an application. This way, we can clarify whether you match our strategic focus and the particular initiatives we work with.

We will return an answer as to whether further details, a meeting or an actual application will be relevant. We receive numerous enquiries, and we try to provide answers as soon as possible. It may, however, be a while, before we can return an answer. 

Application rounds

We organise particular application rounds within the cultural area. If you wish to submit an application in an application round, this will take place through our electronic application system. The pages describing the application rounds also contain links to the respective application forms. We shall only accept these types of application within the stipulated periods. This also applies for applications concerning acceptance to our studio programme.