How to open a dialogue with us

Our mission of creating opportunities for young people on the edge and in the current performing and visual arts can only succeed if we are in dialogue with the people who know what the issues are, have ideas for addressing them and can see the benefit of doing so.
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At the Bikuben Foundation, we believe that lasting social change and on-going development in the arts only comes through collaboration, and we always have our eyes open for ways we can work with others to learn more, mobilise stakeholders and try out new methods that can catalyse change.

Do you have first-hand experience in our strategic focus areas in social affairs and the arts, and do you have ideas for how we can move them forward? Do you have something you can contribute as a partner? If so, we’d like to hear from you.

Read on to learn more about our current focus areas. We answer all enquiries as soon as possible, but there is a lot of interest in our programmes, and it may take a while before you hear from us.

SOCIAL: Do you want to get in touch with the social area? Send a concise email about your errand to

ART: Do you want to start a dialogue within the art field? Then read more about how to get in touch with us on this page.

We regularly participate in debates and other events that relate to our focus areas - and we are always available to talk about the work we do, how we do it and what we hope to achieve by mobilising stakeholders and what we can contribute as a partner to the development programmes we choose to take part in.

Please feel free to contact our communications team if you have an event or a project you would like us to participate in.
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