The Bikuben Foundation works towards creating new opportunities within two different areas: Within the social area, we focus on young people on the edge, defined as young people aged between 13 and 30 who are facing complex social problems, desiring to boost their capacities for coping with life. As to the cultural area, our resources are concentrated on the current performing arts and visual arts, facilitating novel approaches for professional artists and cultural institutions
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Being an independent foundation, we are in a unique position to try out new methods and initiate experimental work that is not necessarily required to succeed at the first attempt but will, nonetheless, provide opportunities for exploring alternative approaches and solutions. Hence, the Bikuben Foundation is focused on developing and trying out innovative ideas, structures and methods for the purposes of creating the best obtainable social value and artistic significance. In our capacity as a foundation, we are moreover in a position to introduce long-term ideas and contribute to ensure the financing of initiatives and concepts of considerable potential – although their actual impact may first be established after the passage of several years. Therefore, we typically opt for supporting few initiatives, albeit initiatives with relative long time-horizons.

Initiative, knowledge and collaboration

But the Bikuben Foundation is not only about economy. We also apply other philanthropic tools. For the purposes of obtaining knowledge and being inspired, we prioritise participation in Danish as well as international networks; and, similarly, we will initiate research-based work in order to provide wider perspectives and an enhanced knowledge base with respect to those areas in which we take an interest. To a great extent, we will ourselves take responsibility for the initiation, development and drive of initiatives, and we believe that new opportunities, development and permanent change often arise as results of collaboration. Therefore, preferring to involve more parties in shared initiatives, we for instance enter into collaborative relationships with the state and municipalities, private players and other foundations – or, within the social area, the civil society – for the purpose of making the greatest possible difference.

The Bikuben Foundation's code of practice

It is our philosophy that, within the social as the cultural areas, there is a need for change and ground-breaking work that will not always be feasible through isolated projects. Hence, our approach to philanthropy is proactive. Our code of practice will frequently be similar across the two areas. First, we identify new and relevant focus areas or problems in active collaboration with the professional field. Next, we collect and produce new knowledge to constitute the basis of forward-looking decisions. Finally, we will enter into relationships with the external environment – collaborating on the design of new solutions and initiatives. 

Focus areas

The Bikuben Foundation's strategic focus areas
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current performing arts and visual arts

Within the cultural area, we base our work on a strong conviction of the importance of art. And, within the framework of our strategic focus area (current performing arts and visual arts) we lend a helping hand to professional artists and cultural institutions, exploring new ways for realising their potential.

The notion of current performing arts and visual arts shall be construed as any art that is presented and organised within a setting framework of contemporary relevance. We also consider historic visual art and classic works within the performing arts to be of contemporary relevance, on the provision that such art is communicated within the perspective of modern cultural contexts.  

Here you can read more about our code of practice within the cultural area. 

Young people on the edge

Our work within a social context is based upon a firm belief in the individual's resources and our desire to give young people on the edge of society the strength to cope with their own lives. Our focus is to facilitate innovative opportunities for young people – aged between 13 and 30 – who are facing complex problems. The young people within this group are all challenged, for instance with respect to relations and communities; and, also, they may experience difficulties in coping with everyday life; frequently, their connection with education and work will be poor; and, finally, they may have very little self-esteem.

Here you can read more about our code of practice within the social area.

Frequently asked questions

How do I open a dialogue with the Bikuben Foundation?

If you have knowledge and ideas pertaining to the areas of our work, we would be very pleased to hear from you. Elsewhere on this website, you will find contact information of the Bikuben employees who work within our various target and action areas.

What defines the Bikuben Foundation's evaluation procedures?

The core principle of our evaluation practice is that not necessarily everything must be subjected to evaluation. We continuously assess which initiatives to evaluate. Any evaluation should contribute to knowledge and learning – with respect to the Bikuben Foundation, the organisation behind the initiative and the overall field. This also means that our evaluations will all be published.

How to open a 
dialogue with us

If you have knowledge or ideas relative to the areas and issues we address, we would be pleased to hear from you. You will find the relevant contact persons under the various initiatives.