Special development efforts

Each year, selected cultural institutions receive special funding for presentation, dissemination and development efforts that span several years. With these grants, we wish to enable the institutions to think outside the box, to explore, experiment and create new approaches and developments that will inspire the entire field
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As an independent, self-governed foundation we are uniquely positioned to pave the way for new methods being tested, alternative pathways being explored and new experiments being launched. We believe that offering such space for innovation is indispensable for Danish cultural institutions and for their ability to continually upgrade and hone their work with art and its dissemination. That is why we provide special funding to selected Danish cultural institutions that focus strongly on development and that have the ability to move forward, creating developments that can benefit and inspire the entire field of performing or visual arts.

Among other things, such funding goes towards enabling the cultural institutions to develop their practice – or the ways in which they present and disseminate art. Special funding is always preceded by dialogue and an analysis of the challenges or untapped potentials within the relevant area, ensuring agreement on the strategic direction of the developments ahead. Determining whether development efforts have the intended impact or importance often takes time. Hence, grants of this kind usually extend across a number of years.


Gennem en række dialogmøder med aktører inden for dans og performance har vi sporet os ind på, at der findes potentiale for udvikling inden for international udveksling samt netværk og vidensdeling på området. Derfor har vi de seneste år også støttet institutioner, der arbejder med disse mål for øje.

Frequently asked questions

Who are eligible for this kind of funding?

Cultural institutions that focus strongly on development and can create results of significant importance within the performing or visual arts.

What kind of initiatives are supported?

We usually provide funding for efforts that explore new formats of presentation and dissemination, seek to establish new kinds of co-operation or which upgrade and qualify existing efforts in innovative ways.  

What criteria must we meet?

The efforts must be innovative and yield new knowledge for your institution or the relevant field. They should expand and strengthen professional insights and skills or prompt development for the institution or artistic practice involved. The efforts must also be carried out to high professional standards and should ideally, but do not necessarily have to be anchored in the institution’s overall strategy.

How are these development efforts evaluated?

The core principle of our evaluation practice is that not everything needs to be evaluated. We regularly assess which efforts can usefully be evaluated. When evaluations are carried out, they must contribute to greater knowledge and learning – for the Bikuben Foundation, for the organisation in charge of the efforts and for the field in general. Reflecting this, we publish the results of all our evaluations.

Our most recent grants

Teater Sort/Hvid

Teater Sort/Hvid modtog i 2016 en bevilling på 3.375.000 kr. til indsatsen All the world's a stage.

Gennem tre tematiske spor arbejder Sort/Hvid i en femårig periode med at skabe ekstraordinære scenekunstværker, der sætter den politiske utopi, Mellemøsten og dannelse på dagsordenen. Indsatsen udbygger de metoder, som Sort/Hvid har udviklet i de forudgående tre år, herunder en fortsat skærpelse af samarbejdet med kunstnere fra andre genrer, styrkelse og forfinelse af den politiske scenekunst, og en yderligere indsats i inddragelsen af videnspersoner og kompetencer i udviklingen af Sort/Hvids kunstneriske koncepter.

Desuden modtog Sort/Hvid i 2018 en bevilling på 500.000 kr. til indsatsen Fra crowdfunding til crowdsurfing.

I 2017 åbnede Sort/Hvid i en nyrestaureret slagtehal i Kødbyen – bl.a. med hjælp fra op mod 400 private personer og virksomheder, der bidrog med næsten 370.000 kr. til anlægsprojektet gennem en vellykket crowdfundingkampagne. Kampagnens succes afslørede et særligt engagement hos Sort/Hvids publikum og et potentiale for at udvikle stærkere relationer mellem teatret og dets publikum. Indsatsen Fra crowdfunding til crowdsurfing har til formål undersøge, udvikle og udvide Teater Sort/Hvids publikumsrelation til gavn for organisationens forretning og til inspiration for scenekunstbranchen.

Bora Bora

Bora Bora har i 2018 modtaget en bevilling til Bora Bora Residency Centre, som i 2018-2022 arrangerer 35 internationale residencies for talentfulde koreografer eller teaterfolk med en markant koreografisk ide. Tre af de deltagende residenter vil desuden få realiseret værker i co-produktioner med danske scener og teatre. Bevillingen er 4-årig og på 3.100.000 kr.

The Royal Theatre (Det Kongelige Teater)

In 2017, The Royal Theatre in Copenhagen received a DKK 22,860,000 grant towards a Vision Plan for The Royal Laboratory (Det Kongelige Laboratorium). Extending to 2023, the objective of this project is to develop and evolve the artistic prowess of The Royal Theatre through four initiatives:  

  • KGL Dansk – an initiative aimed at nurturing the development of new Danish plays and playwrights.
  • KGL Akut – a pop-up-format enabling the theatre to respond artistically to current events while those events still have immediate, topical relevance.
  • Corpus – the ballet department’s experimental corps and laboratory, testing the many potentials inherent in dance and in incorporating other art forms in dance.
  • Internationale tiltag – including efforts to ensure that special international skill sets and competencies can be developed at the theatre.

Politiken’s Art Critic School

In 2017, Danish newspaper Politiken received a DKK 1,784,500 grant towards a one-year process of developing an Art Critic School (Kunstkritikerskole), which will then operate for the next few years. The 'school' is intended as an education and development programme for talented young people looking to hone their skills as critics. The Art Critic School is intended to help bring critique of visual and performing arts into a new era in terms of e.g. genres, formats and interdisciplinary approaches.

Sydhavn Teater

In 2017, Sydhavn Teater in Copenhagen received a DKK 1,500,000 grant for the project Mod til overmod! (literally The Courage to be Over-confident!). Over the course of three years, Sydhavn Teater will explore the possible roles played by audiences in theatre. It will encompass three different ways of staging such interaction: an analogue approach, a virtual approach and an immersive approach. Aiming to highlight and reinvigorate the role played by audiences, Sydhavn Teater draws inspiration from the realm of gaming and its principles of interaction. The objective is to achieve the greatest possible diversity in the three productions, maximising the audiences’ involvement and presence. Sydhavn Teater’s ambitions regarding the reception of these productions are local, national and international in scope. 

Det Olske Orkester

In 2017, the theatre company Det Olske Orkester received a DKK 1,500,000 grant to help them establish a core troupe and to develop their distinctive 'concrete/abstract' method based on poetic narratives and choreography. Over the next three seasons (2017 to 2020), they will use this as the basis for creating a trilogy about Denmark's self-image over the course of the last 300 years. The trilogy will be presented in Denmark and tour internationally. 

Copenhagen Opera Festival

In 2017, the Copenhagen Opera Festival received a DKK 6,530,420 grant for a new programme initiative called EDGE. Over a three-year period, the activities conducted within this programme will unfold in a space where new music-based drama and formats intersect; formats that challenge and rethink the opera genre in various ways. EDGE is intended to accommodate the substantial audiences who want to experience the latest and most groundbreaking aspects of international and national music drama. It is also intended to appeal to younger audiences who choose their music experiences on the basis of quality, relevance and innovative qualities.

The National Gallery of Denmark (Statens Museum for Kunst – SMK)

In 2016, the National Gallery of Denmark received yet another grant of DKK 6,000,000 for new communication and presentation activities at the museum in 2016–2019. These activities include the SMK Fridays eventsthe 9x9x9 scheme and the SMK Wednesdays events.

How to begin a
conversation with us

We are happy to hear from you if you have ideas for innovative presentation, dissemination or development efforts that can bring forward your organisation – and the entire field of performing arts and visual artists. However, given that we award relatively few grants on this scale, we recommend that you send us a brief email before embarking on extensive application efforts. We’ll read your message carefully and let you know whether a meeting or an official application would be relevant for you.