Creating new

The Bikuben Foundation works to create new opportunities for young people on the edge, and within the sphere of current performing and visual arts
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We operate according to separate focus areas. In the social context, we focus on young people between the ages of 13 and 30 who are facing complex social problems. We aim to support young people on the edge – to boost their resilience and capacity to cope with life. In the cultural context, our resources are concentrated on the current performing and visual arts, facilitating novel approaches for professional artists and cultural institutions.

In spite of the dissimilarity of our focus areas, our approach to each is the same: We are focused on developing and deploying innovative ideas, structures and methods for the purpose of creating the best obtainable social value and artistic significance. We consider collaboration an ideal approach to the creation of new opportunities and the facilitation of permanent change. For this reason, we often involve several parties in united efforts that frequently span a number of years.

The Bikuben Foundation sees its role in society as contributing to the facilitation of novel approaches, quality and long-term solutions