Data protection policy

When you create a profile and submit an application for support from the Bikuben Foundation, you will, at the same time, send us a series of personal data
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How we treat your data

As an applicant, you will, voluntarily and informed, consent to our treatment of the data you have submitted. This consent also means that you permit us to contact you, if we do not have sufficient information to fully process your application – or in connection with our reply to your application.

Please note that if you forward personal data to us that concerns other persons, you must have ensured that the persons in question have consented to our processing of such information.

Your application, together with such personal data as you choose to provide, will be read by our employees and board and, for applicants to Academic Guest House, our selection committee. In this connection the objective of our processing of personal data will be:

  • to create a profile in our application system, thus facilitating your submission of an application to us, and
  • to assess whether your application meets the conditions for being awarded the grant or scholarship applied for 

Naturally, we make sure that any processing of your personal data will, at all times, be confidential; and, likewise, we will use safe servers throughout the process.

Personal data are processed internally; and in this connection we do not surrender data to any third parties without your prior consent.

* Latest update 24 May 2018

Vedr. ansøgning om ophold i Academic Guest House
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For at kunne behandle din ansøgning har vi hverken brug for dit CPR-nummer eller andre såkaldte ”følsomme personoplysninger” om dig. Dette er f.eks. oplysninger om din oprindelse eller dit helbred, som ikke har direkte betydning for dit ophold i Academic Guest House. Vi vil derfor bede dig om ikke at sende sådanne oplysninger til os, når du sender din ansøgning. Det betyder blandt andet, at hvis du sender karakterudskrifter, eksamensbeviser, økonomiske oplysninger eller lignende dokumenter til os, skal du huske at slette dit CPR-nummer fra dokumenterne ved f.eks. at strege det over, så vi ikke kan læse det.

Frequently asked questions

Can I really be sure that it is safe?

Any data you may submit in connection with your profile and application will be kept safe and confidential. We use conventional data processors, having verified that they are all located within the EU and that the safety is similar to what we provide ourselves.

We keep and store your profile information and application and, hence, your personal data, in our system – also if you do not receive the grant applied for. As a point of departure, the period during which we will keep your data will be two years from the date on which you submit your application, unless you specifically request us to delete your data prior to the expiry of this period. If you are awarded the grant or scholarship dealt with in your application, we will keep your data for a period of five years from the date of your reception of the support, or after the discontinuation of the initiative.

To request our editing or deletion of your personal data, please contact our IT consultant, Anne Mette Dall, here. This is also where you can obtain information about which concrete data we have registered about you.

Can I change my mind?

You are, at all times, entitled to obtain insight into such personal data about you as we may process. Likewise, you can request rectification or deny access in case of false information. If you wish to request insight, rectification or deny access, you have to contact our IT consultant, Anne Mette Dall, here

You are, at all times, entitled to withdraw your consent and require the deletion of your data before the expiry of the two-year period. Please note that, if you withdraw your consent, we will delete your profile from our systems. Thus, you will no longer be able to participate in the application procedure, as our processing of your application will require your consent. If you wish to withdraw your consent, please contact our IT consultant, Anne Mette Dall,  here 

Can I make a complaint?

If you wish to complain about our processing of your personal data, you are welcome to contact our IT consultant, Anne Mette Dall,  here

Hvad er mine rettigheder?

Iflg. databeskyttelsesforordningens artikel 15-18 og 20-21 har du rettigheder i forhold til, hvordan vi behandler personoplysninger om dig. Du har ret til:

  • at få indsigt i dine oplysninger
  • berigtigelse af dine oplysninger
  • at få slettet oplysninger om dig
  • indsigelse mod behandling af dine personoplysninger
  • at modtage dine personoplysninger (dataportabilitet)

Du kan kontakte regnskabschef Julie Fredskov Pedersen her vedrørende ændringer til dine personoplysninger, eller hvis du ønsker at få dem slettet. Her kan du også få oplyst, hvilke oplysninger vi konkret har registreret om dig.

Kan jeg ombestemme mig?

Du har til enhver tid ret til at få indsigt i de personoplysninger om dig, som vi behandler hos os. Du kan også bede om berigtigelser eller blokering af oplysninger, som ikke er rigtige. Hvis du gerne vil have indsigt, bede om berigtigelse eller blokering, skal du kontakte regnskabschef Julie Fredskov Pedersen her

Du har til enhver tid ret til at trække dit samtykke tilbage og få slettet dine oplysninger, før der er gået to år. Hvis du trækker dit samtykke tilbage, skal du være opmærksom på, at vi vil slette din profil fra vores systemer, og at du ikke længere kan deltage i ansøgningsprocessen, da vores behandling af ansøgningen kræver dit samtykke. Hvis du vil trække dit samtykke tilbage, kan du kontakte regnskabschef Julie Fredskov Pedersen her

Hvis du trækker dit samtykke tilbage, påvirker det ikke lovligheden af vores behandling af dine personoplysninger, da du ved indsendelse af din ansøgning gav samtykke til dette. Trækker du dit samtykke tilbage, har det først virkning fra dette tidspunkt.

Kan jeg klage?

Hvis du ønsker at klage over vores behandling af dine personoplysninger, er du velkommen til at kontakte regnskabschef Julie Fredskov Pedersen her

Opdatering af persondatapolitikken
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Vi følger de gældende retningslinjer for databeskyttelse, så der kan være behov for, at vi opdaterer vores persondatapolitik.

Har du spørgsmål til ovenstående, eller vil du gøre brug af dine rettigheder, er du meget velkommen til at kontakte os.

You can also contact the Danish Data Protection Agency (Datatilsynet):

Borgergade 28
1300 København K
Tlf.: 33193200