With, we aim to make the work of current visual artists more visible and accessible. On the digital platform, you can book artists and art experiences, and in this way, we hope to contribute to the promotion of artists' work and expand their market.
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In Bikubenfonden, we work to assist artists in realizing their potential. Based on our experiences with the art shop SKITSE, we founded ArtBooking in 2023 – a platform where both individuals, organizations, and businesses can book artists and art experiences. 

At, you can explore the many different formats of art presentation that are designed to make art accessible in new ways – and to new audiences. The platform makes it easy to get an overview of some of the current artists we have in Denmark and get in contact with them directly. 

In this way, we aim to make art more accessible and enhance artists' opportunities for income. All revenue goes directly to the artists. 

A New Business Model for Visual Artists
ArtBooking is initiated by visual artist and daily manager of SKITSE, Emilie Kjær, who works on developing new business models for artists - in this case, by making it easier to bring art and artists into new contexts. The vision for the digital platform is to demonstrate how art can be both engaging and entertaining, and how it can function in settings beside those commonly associated with art.

New Ways to Experience Art
ArtBooking focuses on understanding art experiences in new ways by offering a broad and diverse selection. For example, you can book excursions to artists' studios, sessions where you can try your hand with the artist's practice and specific expression, or an artist-led workshop. You can also book artists for panel discussions or hire a performance artist for your event. 

The platform is built with a search function, allowing visitors to easily search among artists based on current societal topics or types of art experiences. If you come across an exciting event, you can contact the artist directly with questions or to book the experience, making it easy and accessible to arrange an appointment with the artist. 

Emilie Kjær is the project manager of ArtBooking and SKITSE and holds a degree in visual arts from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. 

about artbooking

The online platform ArtBooking opened in October 2023. The platform can be accessed at
All revenue from bookings goes directly to the artists themselves, and it's the artists who determine their fees on ArtBooking.  

Emilie Kjær
+45 81 77 50 57
Emilie Kjær
Emilie is responsible for development and management of SKITSE, a boutique that seeks to promote and popularise artists and their work.
Klaus Ib Jørgensen
+45 31 47 64 95
Klaus Ib Jørgensen
Klaus is involved with “Dialogue:Concept:Development”, the Task Force development track and arts partnerships. He is also responsible for the Vision Exhibition Award.

At, you can read more and book artists and art experiences.