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We are currently working on developing a physical setting to act as a hub for artistic development rooted in the visual arts. A place of international scope and ambition, hosting interdisciplinary collaborative efforts that nurture artistic research, competence development and production. If you have insights or ideas to contribute about new ways of envisioning, developing and enacting artistic practices, we would very much like to hear from you
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The Bikuben Foundation has a vision of promoting and strengthening the Danish visual arts scene and the conditions for artistic development and production in Denmark. In the autumn of 2016, we launched a major study of the terms and conditions applying to visual arts in Denmark. The study aimed to identify the challenges affecting Danish visual arts and the potential for developing the visual arts scene further.  

The study indicated potential focus areas in the fields of art production, networking, knowledge sharing, art presentation/dissemination and organisation within the visual arts.  These themes were addressed in detail in the report Kunstens Rammer – nyskabelse af muligheder for kunstnerisk udvikling i Danmark (The Frameworks of Art – creating new opportunities for artistic development in Denmark), which was published in May of 2017. Among other things, the report recommends the creation of a physical hub with the potential for interdisciplinary collaboration and points out the necessity of enhancing international relations within the field.  

Knowledge sharing and development work underway

Since the summer of 2017, we have conducted workshops and ongoing dialogues with artists, art institutions, foundations and other stakeholders in and around the Danish art scene, all aimed at giving concrete form to a range of scenarios regarding the potential content, structure and organisation of a physical rallying point for the Danish art scene. The end result is our scenario for Art Hub Copenhagen – a vision to create an international art hub in Copenhagen. The ambition is to create an innovative setting to promote the creation and dissemination of contemporary art, always focusing on interdisciplinarity, collaboration and an international outlook.

You can visit the website of Art Hub Copenhagen here

Scenario for Art Hub Copenhagen
The Frameworks of Art – creating new opportunities for artistic development in Denmark

Our work on the Kunstens Rammer (The Frameworks of Art) project arose out of our special focus on artistic development in recent years – particularly the lessons learnt through THE BIKUBEN FOUNDATION'S STUDIO PROGRAMME. Through a succession of qualitative interviews and dialogue with artists, cultural institutions and other experts within the field of visual arts as well as a number of international organisations, we have identified a range of challenges and needs.


Chef for kulturområdet Mette Marcus
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Chef for kulturområdet Mette Marcus
Mette oversees the overall strategy of the foundation with special focus on developing new initiatives and collaborations in the field of art.

Art Hub Copenhagen
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Through the Art Hub Copenhagen project, we wish to engage in open conversations and dialogues with others who also see potential in working towards boosting the visual arts scene and expanding its potential by offering new and long-term perspectives.