Young people on the edge in Greenland

Greenland is an integrated part of our strategy of focusing on young people aged between 13 and 30 who are facing complex social problems. We desire to support initiatives that will strengthen young Greenlanders' belief in themselves for the purposes of facilitating the successful realisation of their dreams, establishing meaningful relationships, and overcoming the frequently difficult transition into adulthood and coping with life in general
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The Bikuben Foundation keeps abreast of the current challenges to, and developmental potential for, young people on the edge in Greenland. We do so via our participation in networks and ongoing dialogues with various social entities that are active in Greenland. Most frequently our approach is to enter into collaborative relationships and partnerships with local organisations, Greenlandic municipalities as well as foundations operating in Greenland. 

If you intend to apply for grants relating to an initiative in Greenland, please note that you must comply with the following requirements:

  • The initiative must be targeted at young people between 13 and 30 who are facing complex social problems.
  • The initiative must be focused on enhancing the young people's capacities for coping with life.
  • The initiative must be designed with a view towards establishing financial roots in Greenlandic society.
  • The initiative must involve people with significant professional expertise within the social sector, coupled with a substantial knowledge about Greenland.

The Bikuben Foundation's historical association with Greenland dates back to 1966, when Sparekassen Bikuben opened its first branch there. This was later followed by another three Bikuben branches. In 1985, due to Bikuben's desire to establish closer relationships between the bank and Greenlandic society, all four branches merged into the new NunaBank, with the foundation, NunaFonden (the Nuna Foundation), as a shareholder. In 1997, NunaBank merged with Grønlandsbanken.

The Future Belongs To Us
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Since 2013, we have been involved in the socio-cultural change project The Future Belongs To Us, which involves two Greenlandic towns, Tasiilaq and Nanortalik, located in southern and eastern Greenland, respectively. The objectives of the project are to encourage a greater zest for life among children and young people between the ages of 12 and 25, and the development of a model for creating sustainable and locally rooted social projects in Greenland. In 2013, the Bikuben Foundation granted DKK 500,000 for a preliminary analysis of the project. In 2015, we earmarked DKK 4,260,000 for the development and testing of the project over a 3-year period. In 2018, we granted DKK 2m, to cover a 3-year period, designated for rooting the project in the Greenlandic society and for enhancing the sustainability of the initiative.

Frequently asked questions

Are there special periods for grants application?

No. We are always pleased to receive applications for grants targeted at initiatives in Greenland. You should, however, expect a processing period of about 6 months. Your application shall meet the criteria described in the above.

Is it possible to apply for perennial grants?

Yes. It is possible to apply for perennial grants, and we do not operate with applications being limited to either minimum or maximum amounts.

Projektleder Christina Diekhöner
+45 50 60 98 20
Projektleder Christina Diekhöner
Christina is attached to the social area and, in cooperation with Sine, she is responsible for grants and the development of the social initiatives.
How you apply

Please remember to read the criteria set out in the above before you begin.