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Bikubenfonden ønsker at fremme dansk kulturliv og socialt arbejde ved at støtte og udvikle projekter af høj kvalitet


About The Bikuben Foundation

The Bikuben Foundation is a private foundation that allocates funds from its returns and capital to benefit Danish society. In 2012 the foundation granted about 7 million Euros to benefit the public good.

The theme linking our multitude of activities is the goal to “make Denmark greater”. Our ambition is to promote insight and vision in society by supporting and developing high-quality projects of lasting value to society in Denmark and Greenland within culture, natural resources, education and social work.

Among our own projects are three awarding prizes and management of a forest on Funen.

Roots in the savings bank movement

The Bikuben Foundation has its historical roots in the mission of the savings bank movement. The Bikuben savings bank ("Sparekassen Bikuben") was established in 1857 not only with the commercial aim of operating as a bank – it was also to use some of its profits for charitable purposes.

Today, the mission of the Bikuben savings bank is pursued with respect for its historical roots in the savings bank movement. This is reflected in the articles governing the Bikuben Foundation and in the broad spectrum of initiatives within culture, education and social issues as well as natural resources and the environment.

The Bikuben Foundation is no longer involved in banking activities.

Broad-spectrum initiatives

Today the Bikuben Foundation supports mainly social and cultural projects throughout Denmark and Greenland. These include special projects for vulnerable children and young people, museum activities and performing arts.

We are behind the annual Reumert Award (Denmark's main theatre award, equivalent to e.g. the Tony Awards) The Crown Prince Couple’s Award and The Bikuben Foundation’s Museum Award. The purpose of these awards is to pay tribute to innovative and ground-breaking projects or personalities in Denmark and Greenland, to recognize and promote them as the best role models for others in these fields.

As part of our vision to be actively engaged in caring for and preserving Danish natural resources, we own and manage Svanninge Bjerge, a forest on Funen. Funds are not allocated to other projects involving natural resources.

The Bikuben residence halls in Denmark

Our commitment to the field of education involves two other foundations for which the Bikuben Foundation is the initiator. That is The "Kollegiefonden Bikuben" (the foundation for the Bikuben residence halls) and the Bikubenfoundation New York, Inc. Scholarships and funds are not allocated to applications involving research and education.

In 2001, Kollegiefonden Bikuben was established to build and manage halls of residence in Denmark. This reflected an ambition to provide students with the best possible housing so they can focus on their studies. There are now Bikuben halls of residence in Odense, Aalborg and Copenhagen.

New York hall of residence for Danish students

Bikubenfoundation New York, Inc. was established in 2004 to manage the Academic Guest House, a hall of residence on the upper west side of Manhattan close to Central Park. The house has been welcoming students since 2008.

We believe Danes who travel abroad to gain extra experience and bring new inspiration home with them help to fulfil our vision of “making Denmark greater”. We therefore want to create the best possible study conditions for Danish students, researchers and people wishing to continue their education in a city where housing is hard to find.

The application period is 1 May - 15 June.

The Bikuben Foundation’s board

The Bikuben Foundation is managed by a board of seven members elected for a four-year term:

Members of the board: Peter Højland (Chairman), Johannes Due, Anne Broeng, Jon Stokholm, Søren Jenstrup, Niels Smedegaard, Thomas Hofman-Bang

The board meets 4 times a year.

The Bikuben Foundation’s head of secretariat

Søren Kaare-Andersen, CEO

List of The Bikuben Foundation’s employees

Facts about The Bikuben Foundation

The main purpose of The Bikuben Foundation is to support and develop high-quality projects within Danish and Greenlandish culture and social work for the benefit of the public good.

The Bikuben Foundation
Otto Mønsteds Gade 5
DK-1571 Copenhagen V


Tel.: +45 33 77 93 93
Fax: +45 33 77 93 83

Central Business Registration no.: 13 29 06 44

Telephone hours:
Monday to Thursday 9:00 - 16:00
Friday 9:00 - 15:00


To promote the purposes defined by the Board in accordance with the articles in a socially good and useful manner with respect for the foundation’s philosophy. The purposes taken into consideration are within

- cultural and
- social purposes

The foundation also has its own projects within education, research and natural resources.


To create lasting improvements of value that benefit Danish society by actively contributing to solving important social tasks to benefit non-profit and charitable purposes.

The vision is formulated to reflect the foundation’s historical roots, i.e. in the ethical dimension that was always a part of Bikuben savings bank activities.